Dandruff – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

If you have ever had dandruff, then you know how worrying it is. One in every 2 people has to face this problem at some time in their entire life. This problem is common for children to old men. The problem of dandruff is seen more in the winter season, as the weather starts to dry, the skin of our body also becomes dry due to which the problem of dandruff arises. Today we will know the main reason for the problem of dandruff and how we can get rid of this disease. 

Causes of dandruff 

Naturally occurring microbes (Malassezia globosa) are found in our scalp. It is a type of yeast, which is produced naturally in our body. It is not harmful but sometimes it causes some skin diseases like itching, dandruff etc. 

Oily skin 

The main reason for having oily skin is the excessive production of sebum in our body. Due to which the white layer in our skin starts to solidify. Such a condition can affect your head and other parts of the body where oil glands are more present, such as around your nostril, back of your ears, waist and armpits. 

Hair cleaning 

If you do not wash your hair regularly then you may have dandruff problem. However, applying shampoo to your hair daily can also make your skin dry, due to which problems like dandruff can also occur. Therefore there should be a difference of 1 or 2 days in the use of shampoo. 

Air Pollution 

Chemicals present in polluted air harm our skin. Pollution is an important cause of dandruff. 

Unbalanced diet 

Eating unbalanced also causes skin problems. To keep the skin healthy, one should eat food containing vitamins A, C and A, so that our skin can be nourished. 

Symptoms of dandruff 

Head scratching, hair loss, white scrub or flax in the skin of the head are some of the major symptoms. 

Cure of dandruff 

Dandruff can be controlled with appropriate treatment. First, try shampooing with a non-medicated shampoo, massaging the head thoroughly, and then rinsing well. Repeated shampoo removes flakes, reduces oiliness and stops the formation of dead skin cells. If it doesn’t work 
So antidandruff shampoos, in particular, are helpful. 

Natural cure for dandruff 


Neem is an excellent antiseptic and antibacterial. It cures inflammation so well that it is used to relieve itchy skin during chicken pox. If you have dandruff, make a simple neem paste and apply on the head to get rid of dandruff. 

Fenugreek (methi) 

Fenugreek is known to improve hair. This not only strengthens the roots and improves the thickness of the hair, but it also makes the scalp skin firmer. Soak two spoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind it in a fine paste in the morning. Apply this paste on the head and hair 30 minutes before washing with plain water. Use this treatment twice a week for a month. 

Coconut oil and lemon 

Coconut oil moisturizes the skin and reduces itching. Lemon has antifungal properties and contains citric acid which is quite effective for fighting dandruff. Its acidic nature helps to balance the pH level of dry skin and soothe irritation. Mix four teaspoons of warm coconut oil and two teaspoons of lemon juice and massage it on the head and leave it for 30 minutes then wash with shampoo. This home remedy can be done twice a month to treat dandruff. 

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