If you want to get rid of these health problems, must grow Tulsi at home!

Ayurveda has been dedicated to Tulsi since many ages. At one time this medicine was so important that it was necessary to keep a basil plant in every household and take regular care of it. Tulsi can help you solve various minor health problems. Some of them are discussed in this article. 

Tulsi works as a stress reliever. 

Stress is becoming an integral part of our daily life, not only the mind but body, thoughts and emotions, the impression of stress is falling on them all. Tulsi helps in controlling the level of stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in the human body. Chew 10-12 basil leaves daily, this will control stress and blood pressure

Help keep skin, hair and teeth good. 

Apart from chewing, you can use basil juice with a pack of face or hair, it will make the skin and hair glow. There will be no acne, hair loss will be less. Teeth and gums will be good, after grinding the basil leaves, grind it, add a few drops of mustard oil and brush it occasionally. Wash 4-5 basil leaves thoroughly and consume them, mix half a teaspoon of black pepper powder with the paste of this leaf and apply it on the throat area and wait for a while. Applying Tulsi thrice a day will reduce the pain in a few days. 

Use in cure of cold and fever. 

Have colds and fever? Chew some basil and eat on an empty stomach. Boil the water by adding two to one teaspoon of cardamom powder and six to seven fresh basil leaves in half a liter of water. When the water remains half, take it down and filter it with a sieve. Drink after two to three hours. You can add some honey if needed, this will give you relief from sore throat. Many believe that basil can cure malaria! 

Ideal medicine to treat headache. 

Boil a handful of basil leaves in two cups of water, then keep the water cool. If you have a headache, soak a cloth in water and squeeze it well, then apply it on the forehead. If you do not have much time, use basil oil. If you have a headache, you can achieve the same result by adding a few drops of oil to the water. 

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