To stay healthy, it is more important to change lifestyle than healthy diet

Whenever the new year arrives, at that time you are asked that what resolutions are you taking for the new year. This is often the case with health. Today we have come up with a variety of tips for you to stay healthy and fit. These health tips will help improve your health. 

Time to eat:

Human body is not made to eat much at the end of the day (night). This is because most of our people either sit down or lie in bed after having a meal at night, there is no activity in the body, food is not fully digested. If possible, drink light hot water instead of cold water. Nature has made our body, therefore it should live accordingly. 
According to nature, we should eat food before sunset and then after sunrise, there is a difference of 12 hours. This 12-hour fasting difference greatly benefits your body and mind. 

How important to sleep:

Take good sleep at night. All your body cells need proper rest. This year give proper attention to your sleep which is helpful to your body, immune system, mentally healthy, etc. Also special take care of your child’s sleep. 

Deep breath and meditation:

Meditate for some time. If your mind wanders while meditating, then focus on your breath and this can help you in meditation. Take a deep breath and meditate for at least two minutes, this will give peace to your mind and you will also be healthy. Meditation gives you inner strength. It keeps you in the present because many people are immersed in future worries. Its purpose is not just to stop the mind from wandering, but also to let the thoughts come and go without reacting to them. You can use any mobile app if needed, but do take two minutes of meditation with deep breathing. This will reduce stress. 

Don’t keep a permanent diet plan:

When it comes to diet and nutrition, keep it easy and sattvic. Listen to your body. Food that is good for your neighbor is not necessarily good for you too, because we all have different requirements. Make a diet plan temporary but make sure that the thinking is not rigid. Eat only when you are hungry. If there is a desire to eat or drink something, then eat and drink without feeling guilty. Just make sure that it does not harm you. While eating, just take care that your body benefits from it so that no harm is done to it. If you eat this way, then you will be healthy and will also look sensible. 

Give mobile time at least:

In today’s era, many people like us are immersed in gadgets, the internet, technology, social media. These things are taking away our present, health, peace, self-respect, confidence, and security. Technology is not bad, but we need to balance it with maturity. If this is affecting your thinking, your bedtime, family time, then it is important to get out of this thing. Make a time limit, like after 9 o’clock in the night, do not touch the mobile, similarly, the time limit of other things can be made. 

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