Vaccine Precautions : To drink wine before and after taking corona vaccine can be side effects

Corona vaccine is continuously producing in country. Before taking vaccine need to take care from some bad habits like drinking wine. Wine reduces immune system from body to fight against diseases. Although in India there is no official statement related to drink wine before and after taking corona vaacine. 

In india covid 19 vaccination is started from today. In the 1st stage health workers will be vaccinated and this process will be going on in the phase wise to other people of the country. 

Keep distance from wine :- 
Before taking corona vaccine need to take of many precautions like drinking wine before and after corona vaccine. Wine reduces immune system power to fight against diseases And covid vaccine is primarily work on bodies to boost immune system. According to health experts, one should not drink alcohol before and a few days after the covid vaccine. 

Need to take precautions of how many days:- 
According to different experts, there are different views on drinking alcohol. Last month, an expert from Russia told people not to take alcohol before 2 weeks and after 6 weeks of the Sputnik V Vaccine. Because it reduces the power of vaccines to fight against coronavirus. 
Although later on vaccine producer, Dr Alexander Gutenberg tweeted that 3 days of taking precautions is enough. He also tweeted that “A glass of champagne does not harm anyone, even the immune system.”. There UK’s health expert says not to drink alcohol before and after 1 day of covid vaccination. 

How much is the amount of alcohol:- 
Some experts say if you take enough quantity of alcohol then no need to worry. For female drinkers, alcohol should be 1 glass and for males, it should be 2 glasses, if alcohol is more than this should be reduced whether you take the covid vaccine or not. 

Keep yourself away from these things:- 
Experts also say that after being vaccinated keep yourself away from sugar drinks, processed food, energy drinks, fast food or alcoholic things. According to China global university, these things are reasons to increase the in fatness and it can affect on covid 19 vaccine. 

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